Author Signing: Christy Jones

Christy JonesIllusio & baqer is proud to introduce our latest author, Christy Jones, and her middle-grade fantasy novel, Trinka And The Thousand Talismans, coming Fall 2014.

Trinka lives in a lofty world called Ellipsis, where schools prize their students’ abilities to predict the future … or at least, she does until she flunks out of her fantastical school. She is sent away to join her father in a watery world where she won’t need talent. But when she decides to get there by stowing away on the airships run by the mysterious dream merchants, she ends up on a journey she never could have imagined.

As she crosses into unfamiliar worlds full of unexpected adventures, Trinka finds herself both helped and hindered by an ever-growing collection of talismans—strange objects and strange creatures given to her by the people she encounters on her journey. Along the way, Trinka discovers the secrets that have fractured her family and scattered them across the four worlds. But will she find the strength, courage, and confidence to do what no one (especially her) has ever believed she could?

Christy’s colorful creations have appeared in a variety of sewing and doll-making magazines, and helped inspire many of the creatures in her first novel, Trinka and the Thousand Talismans. She enjoys putting her linguistics and technical writing background to use by making up writing systems for imaginary people, and loves sharing the joy of reading books with real people. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Peter and their two children, who make life fantastic.

You can follow Christy on Twitter or visit her website here. We’ll reveal more information about this exciting new title soon!

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